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Itz’at STEAM Academy is a Belize City high school that prepares students for high demand careers in technology fields.

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What is your career path?

Itz’at STEAM Academy programs were designed in collaboration with experts from the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We use a constructionist approach to learning that engages students in hands-on projects that explore real challenges faced by the local community.

Our programs have three foundations: transdisciplinary academics, community engagement and social, emotional and cultural learning. They use modern technology to explore the latest knowledge in sustainable development, global humanities, fabrication, art, communication and mathematics. 

What is Itz’at STEAM Academy?


Itz'at STEAM Academy is a new Belize City high school situated on Joseph Street in Belize City. It aims to prepare students for careers and further study in science, technology, engineering, arts and...

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How will Itz’at STEAM Academy Students Learn?


Students will have a wide range of on and off campus learning experiences designed to ensure they have the creativity, knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to succeed at work or in higher...

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Who are the Itz’at STEAM Academy Students?


In 2023, Itz’at STEAM Academy will admit a cohort of first form students. All people between the ages of 11 and 14 are eligible to apply as long as they will have completed primary school by 31...

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“We are making progress with the creation of a first of its kind high school in our region”

Hon. Dr. Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology

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Valuing excellence in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics

The programs at the Itz’at STEAM Academy build depth and technical competence in a chosen field.  We use a modern transdisciplinary approach to build problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to any challenge.

Itz’at STEAM Academy promotes competence in agency, self and social awareness, multiculturalism, fabrication and creation, STEAM Mindset, and communication.

It aims to create gradutates who are:     

  • Innovative Problem Solvers
  • Autonomous Thinkers
  • Flexible Collaborators
  • Resilient Decision Makers
  • Ethical Advocates
  • Clear Communicators
  • Resourceful Leaders

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